Ana Correa


Seamless Poncho

Textile Product Design

This Poncho is a seamless garment made of multiple pieces assembled together. The pattern consist in 2 pieces male and female. It was drawn in Rhinoceros 3D and then cut using a laser machine. Finally they are joined to create a net. The more assemble fragments the longer the Poncho is.

Seamless garments are made to simplify the production process and avoid the extra use of material, energy and waste.

Design and Development Ana Correa / Mentored by Anastasia Pistofidou

FabTextiles research and experimentation is based on creating different ways to impact the fashion industry with sustainable processes implementing growing materials, high customization garments and development using new technologies to elaborate textile and fashion products. This knowledge is thought globally in the educational program Fabricademy, shared in an open source platform and spread within talks and workshops with the community. 
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