Ana Correa

Hi !

I am a Colombian Product Designer based in Barcelona. I studied at Universidad Icesi in Cali Colombia getting a bachelor’s degree in 2015. Since then I have been working in the textile and fashion industry making different kind of products. As freelance designer I have been involved in graphics and packaging design that I have enjoyed a lot making and being part of different teams. I got interested in TIC projects where I learnt about mobile apps and web development. What I enjoyed the most was the interaction between the human and the digital world. I had and have the utopic idea of combining the textile and technology worlds into one which took me to study the postgraduate course Fabricademy at FabLab Barcelona where I continued working as a student assistant and research collaborator at FabTextiles. 

I am now into digital fabrication, wearable products and research & development specially on textiles and keep looking for opportunities in this area.

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