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Aurora Cap
Electronic System

Pictures by Betiana Pavón
The Aurora is design created in a collaboration which consists of a modular Cap (accessory for the head) designed by Betiana Pavón with the addition of an electronic system designed by Ana Correa that allows the morphology to stand out in the dark through vibrant RGB colors and optical fiber. 

The data becomes beauty and interaction becomes emotions evoking the senses. The result is a new portable contemporary aesthetic accessory.

Attiny85 - RGB Led - Side Glow optical fiber - hand made PCB

For the materialization of this design 3D printing was use with various tests of settings suitable for every material. Each piec (6 in total) takes an approximate printing time of 2hs. What is remarkable in the use of this type of technology is the design can be sent and reproduced anywhere in the world since it is enough to send the digital files in .STL format and the appropriate parameters for the subsequent printing.

This prototype has the addition of an electronic system with a specific design which allows in small dimensions the turning on and off of a RGB Led source by a portable 3V interchangeable battery. The beam of light generates a path through the optical fiber which can be installed very easily since it is a single section in zigzag that is held at the edges of each module containing channels of the fiber diameter.
The materials used to build the prototype were the filaments for 3D printing: Filaflex, for the modules corresponding to the helmet part of the cap which require to be flexible and adaptable to the curved and spherica shapes of the head; and PLA for rigid and flat modules (visor and sides with snap buttons) these pieces give structure and stability to the piece.


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