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Brand Identity

ArteSanarte is a coaching service company with the purpose of accompany people, companies, executives or work teams in a path towards change, openness and creation of new goals and challenges in a personal and corporate level.

Inspired by a butterfly, it represents the process of change and transformation. The result of a personal and satisfying journey towards self-discovery and the recognition of strengths that become wings to fly to the limits of ambition. Through the design process I used key words such Transformation, Confrontation, Sacrifice, Empowerment, Change, Growth and Liberation. I used them as a basis to define shapes and lines. I liked the idea of non-continuity because the effect means a separetion of old paradigms and opening to a new mind setting. It is three dimensional because it suggests there must be movement to achive a change.

 The purple colors and fade are selected to express transition and to be reborn. The stella is a symbol of guidance and being supportive completing and closing the cycle enlightening the process and giving balance to the other half. 

Business card / Corporative Letter and Folder 



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